Emergency Phones

Emergency Phone Functions

There are 39 emergency blue light phones and 11 emergency buttons located throughout campus that can be utilized for emergencies, escorts, motorist assistance, directions, or general assistance. To activate the phone, press the red button on the front; the phone will:

  • Immediately connect you with University Police dispatch
  • Provide the dispatcher with your location
  • Activate the flashing blue light (if applicable)
  • Initiate a police response even if you can’t speak

Emergency Phone Locations

Phones are located in public areas including parking garages, near residence hall complexes and administration buildings, and various outdoor locations. There are also emergency phones located in each elevator on campus.

View a map of emergency phone locations.

Phones are located in the following locations:

  1. Lot P1
  2. Lot P2
  3. Field Drive on the sidewalk near the Ridges
  4. Ridges Parking Deck
  5. Outside the Down-Under at Overlook Hall
  6. Rear entrance to Governors Hall
  7. Between Overlook and Governors Halls
  8. Mills Hall on Ramp to University Heights
  9. Front of Governors Hall
  10. Entrance to Track
  11. Gardner Hall
  12. Scott Hall
  13. Hoey Hall
  14. Multi-purpose Court, in the Student Recreation Center* (wall-box phone)
  15. Sherrill Center Parking Deck
  16. Zageir Parking Deck at  lower level entrance
  17. Zageir Parking Deck at upper entrance
  18. Observatory/Astronomy Lab
  19. Near Library at Zeis Hall
  20. Lot P26
  21. Highsmith Crosswalk
  22. Brown Hall Crosswalk
  23. Behind Highsmith/Founders by Lot P20
  24. University Heights at Rhoades-Robinson across from P24
  25. Quad at Rhoades-Robinson Hall
  26. Brown Hall Parking Deck
  27. Founders Drive at Lot P22
  28. Greenway near Founders Drive
  29. Walkway from Vivian Street lot (P29)
  30. Top of trail from Vivian Street lot (P29)
  31. Vivian Street (P29) S1-S4 along walkway
  32. Vivian Street Lot Vehicle Gate(P29)
  33. 118 W.T. Weaver Blvd
  34. Field Track House:  Southside Timer Tower
  35. STEAM Studio
  36. The Woods- near Magnolia/Beech
  37. Aspen Hall 3rd floor
  38. Aspen Hall 4th floor
  39. Cedar Hall 3rd floor
  40. Cedar Hall 4th floor
  41. Magnolia Hall 3rd floor
  42. Magnolia Hall 4th floor
  43. Beech Hall 3rd floor
  44. Beech Hall 4th floor
  45. Willow Hall 1st floor
  46. Willow Hall 3rd floor
  47. Willow Hall 4th floor
  48. Lot P34
  49. Justice Center Pool Area
  50. Justice Center Mechanical Room 099
  51. Highsmith Loading Dock

Emergency Phone Maintenance

UNC Asheville is committed to campus safety and security. Phones are typically checked on a bi-weekly basis by student patrol workers or officers and any maintenance issues are addressed immediately. We encourage community members to promptly report any security concerns, including concerns about emergency phones, to University Police at 828.232.5000 or to Information Technology Services at 828.251.6445.