Mission, Vision and Values


As a central part of the university community, the mission of University Police is to contribute to and promote the greater mission of UNC Asheville by facilitating a safe, secure and service-oriented environment for all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.


The vision of the UNC Asheville Police Department is to provide a safe and secure campus that demonstrates openness, trust, honesty and integrity; respecting differences in ideas, people and lifestyles. These same qualities will be reflected in the Department’s leadership, personnel, programs and services.

The vision of the UNC Asheville Police Department is to pursue excellence in 21st Century Policing through dynamic, interactive participation in community-oriented policing within a culturally diverse community.


Community Concern

The UNC Asheville Police Department values input from our community.  We continually strive to improve the quality of service to the campus community. We actively investigate problems and incidents and search for positive solutions that will support a sense of security throughout the campus.

Customer Service

We will deliver to our community a high quality of service that is fair, courteous, responsive, and efficient. We also recognize the need to involve the community as partners in creating a secure and safe environment.


We demonstrate our professionalism through our conscientious adherence to the highest standards in law enforcement. We will be professional in our daily actions, behavior, and performance and maintain high standards of training and expertise by keeping abreast of new trends, standards, and technology in the field of public safety.


We are committed to honorable and ethical behavior in our daily interaction with the department, its members, and the community that we serve.

Respect & Responsibility

Employees are our most important organizational asset. Our success depends upon our relationships with our coworkers and each person we serve. We promote respect for individual rights and personal dignity in our daily interactions. We value the dignity of every individual and understand ethnic and cultural diversity. We will treat citizens and co-workers with dignity and respect and assume responsibility for our actions.


We will make effective use of our resources and provide a spirit of open communication and be held accountable for our actions, behavior, and performance by the department and its members, to the community that we proudly serve.


To provide professional police and public safety services to the university community, including enforcement of state statutes and university regulations, without bias or prejudice.

To encourage and develop interaction with students, faculty, staff and visitors in order to identify their expectations of the University Police.

To educate university community members in their roles as partners of crime prevention and effective problem oriented policing.

To develop and maintain partnership with on-campus and off-campus resources in assisting us in providing the broadest spectrum of public safety services possible.