Campus Crime & Fire Log

The daily crime and fire log is a requirement of the Jeanne Clery Act and records criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to University Police. Entries are required to be made within two business days of the reporting of the information to the department.

View the Crime & Fire Log

UNC Asheville’s Crime & Fire Log is updated using a combination of information entered into the University Police’s computer aided dispatch (or CAD) software and records management system.  The Crime & Fire Log incidents posted will not match the crime statistics as reported in the Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report.  Information for the Crime & Fire Log represents all incidents reported to Campus Police.  The crime statistics reported in the Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report are compiled using the Federal Uniformed Crime Reporting definitions.

How to Read the Crime Log

Each entry begins with the top (white) section where the 2016-###### number is located. Information in the first section is pulled from the CAD system which is where information is entered by a dispatcher. The nature in white is what the call was initially reported as and the disposition is how the officer closed the call.

The bottom (yellow) section is information pulled from our records management system. If a report was filed the crime will be listed along with the case disposition. If there is no additional information in the yellow section, no report was filed.

Sample crime log table

For example, for case number 16-004954 located at the top, the dispatcher received a report at 07:55 hrs. on 04-13-2016 about a suspicious person at the University Quadrangle.  In this incident officers were unable to locate the suspect(s), and a report was not filed.  In case number 16-004921, the dispatcher received a report of fraud on campus at Founders Hall at 14:12 hrs. on 04-12-2016.  The responding officer took a report for Obtaining Property by False Pretense, and the Case Disposition is Further Investigation . 

Circumstances When Entries May Be Withheld

According to the Clery Act, entries where disclosure is prohibited by law or would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim are exempt from entry in the log. Certain entries may be temporarily withheld if there is clear and convincing evidence that the release of information would do one of the following:

  • Jeopardize an ongoing investigation;
  • Jeopardize the safety of an individual;
  • Cause a suspect to flee or evade detection; or
  • Result in the destruction of evidence.

Even if a reported crime is investigated and determined to have not occurred, the log will indicate that the disposition is “unfounded.”

Archived Entries

To view the crime log before May 23, 2013 you may request a copy or view them at Weizenblatt Hall during normal business hours or by contacting Danny Moss at Archived years are from 2008-2013. Logs are no longer required to be updated after 60 days have passed since the entry is made.